2 thoughts on “Open Meeting Primer

  1. When a City Council calls an executive session by Agenda Notice and vote who has a right to attend? Also is the time of the vote to go into executive session and the time of reconvening to be noted in the regular minutes?

    • Attendance to executive sessions is limited only when the public body is discussing the “Purchase or appraisal of real property.” (OKLA. STAT. tit. 25, § 307(B)(3).

      The statute limits attendance of executive sessions under this topic to “members of the public body, the attorney for the public body, and the immediate staff of the public body. No landowner, real estate salesperson, broker, developer, or any other person who may profit directly or indirectly by a proposed transaction concerning real property which is under consideration may be present or participate in the executive session.” (§ 307(D))

      Under the Open Meeting Act, minutes are not required to include the time of the vote to go into executive sessions or the time when the public body reconvenes.

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