Officers & Board of Directors

2017 Officers and Executive Committee

  • President: Paul Monies
  • President-Elect: Joe Wertz
  • Secretary: Kay Boies
  • Treasurer: Judy Gibbs Robinson
  • Past President:  Bill Young 
  • Membership Chair –
  • Communications Chair – Joey Senat
  • Seminars Chair – David Fritze
  • Nominating Chair – Alex Cameron
  • Legislative Chair – Mark Thomas
  • Parliamentarian/Bylaws – Theresa Dickson

Executive Director: Kay Bickham

Board of Directors

Laura Eastes Akers
Reporter, Oklahoma Gazette
Representing At-Large 17

Phil Bacharach
Chief of Communications, State Dept. of Education
Representing At-Large 18

Kay Boies
Exec. Dir., Oklahoma Library Association
Representing At-Large 6

Ziva Branstetter
Editor in Chief, The Frontier 
Representing At-Large 15

Alex Cameron
Statewide Special Projects Director, KWTV News 9
Representing TV Broadcasters West of I-35

Jennifer Chancellor
Editor, Oklahoma Gazette
Representing At-Large 17

Bill Crum
Reporter, The Oklahoman
Representing Oklahoma Co. Newspapers

Theresa Dickson
Pioneer Library System
Representing Okla. Library Association

Nathan Elliott
Managing Editor, KWTV News 9
Representing At-Large 4

David Fritze
Executive Editor, Oklahoma Watch
Representing Small Newspapers East of I-35

Ginnie Graham
News Columnist, Tulsa World
Representing Tulsa Co. Newspapers

Mark Hanebutt, Esq.
Professor, UCO Dept. of Mass Communication
Representing SPJ

Bill Hickman, Esq.
Representing UCO Dept. of Mass Communication

Joe Hight
Owner, Best of Books
Representing At-Large 12

Mick Hinton
The Oklahoman, Retired
Representing At-Large 7

Lindel Hutson
The Associated Press, retired
Representing AP Oklahoma News Executives

Brian Ted Jones
Director of Education, Kirkpatrick Foundation
Representing At-Large 2

Gary Jones
State Auditor & Inspector
Representing At-Large 16

Kevin R. Kemper
Former NAJA Legal Hotline Liaison
Representing At-Large 5

Josh Lee, Esq.
Ward, Lee & Coats
Representing At-Large 8

Jennifer Loren
TV Host, Cherokee Nation Businesses
Representing TV Broadcasters East of I-35

David McCullough, Esq.
Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson
Representing At-Large 3

Paul Monies
Reporter, The Oklahoman
Representing At-Large 13

Jason Murphey
State Representative, Guthrie
Representing At-Large 11

Dick Pryor, Esq.
General Manager, KGOU
Representing Radio East of I-35

Michael Ridgeway
Representing Oklahoma Bar Association

Judy Gibbs Robinson
Adviser, The Oklahoma Daily
Representing At-Large 14

Joey Senat, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 
Representing OSU School of Media & Strategic Communications

Mark Thomas
Exec. V.P., Oklahoma Press Association
Representing Oklahoma Press Association

Joe Wertz
Reporter, StateImpact Oklahoma
Representing At-Large 9

Melanie Wilderman
Executive Director, Oklahoma Scholastic Media
Representing OU Gaylord College

John R. Wood
Associate Professor, University of Central Oklahoma
Representing At-Large 1

William R. Young
Public Info. Administrator, OK Dept. of Libraries
Representing At-Large 10