Officers & Board of Directors

2018 Officers and Executive Committee

  • President: Joe Wertz
  • President-Elect: Joe Hight
  • Secretary: Kay Boies
  • Treasurer: Judy Gibbs Robinson
  • Past President: Paul Monies 
  • Membership Chair – Jennifer Chancellor
  • Communications Chair –
  • Seminars Chair – David Fritze
  • Nominating Chair – Bill Young
  • Legislative Chair – Mark Thomas
  • Parliamentarian/Bylaws – Theresa Dickson

Executive Director: Kay Bickham

Board of Directors

Laura Eastes Akers
Reporter, Oklahoma Gazette
Representing At-Large 17

Phil Bacharach
Chief of Communications, State Dept. of Education
Representing At-Large 18

Kay Boies
Oklahoma Library Association, Retired
Representing At-Large 6

Ziva Branstetter
Senior Editor, Reveal
Representing At-Large 15

Alex Cameron
Statewide Special Projects Director, KWTV News 9
Representing TV Broadcasters West of I-35

Jennifer Chancellor
Asst. Dir. of Public Information, Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Representing At-Large 17

Richard Clark
Digital Content Manager, News on 6
Representing TV Broadcasters East of I-35

Bill Crum
Reporter, The Oklahoman
Representing Oklahoma Co. Newspapers

Theresa Dickson
Pioneer Library System
Representing Okla. Library Association

Nathan Elliott
Managing Editor, KWTV News 9
Representing At-Large 4

David Fritze
Executive Editor, Oklahoma Watch
Representing Small Newspapers East of I-35

Mark Hanebutt, Esq.
Professor, UCO Dept. of Mass Communication
Representing SPJ

Bill Hickman, Esq.
Representing UCO Dept. of Mass Communication

Joe Hight
Owner, Best of Books
Representing At-Large 12

Mick Hinton
The Oklahoman, Retired
Representing At-Large 7

Lindel Hutson
The Associated Press, Retired
Representing AP Oklahoma News Executives

Brian Ted Jones
Director of Education, Kirkpatrick Foundation
Representing At-Large 2

Gary Jones
State Auditor & Inspector
Representing At-Large 16

Kevin R. Kemper
Representing At-Large 5

Jennifer Loren
TV Host, Cherokee Nation Businesses
Representing TV Broadcasters East of I-35

David McCullough, Esq.
Doerner, Saunders, Daniel & Anderson
Representing At-Large 3

Paul Monies
Reporter, Oklahoma Watch
Representing At-Large 13

Jason Murphey
State Representative, Guthrie
Representing At-Large 11

Ashley Parrish
Deputy Man. Ed., Tulsa World
Representing Tulsa Co. Newspapers

Dick Pryor, Esq.
General Manager, KGOU
Representing Radio East of I-35

Michael Ridgeway
Representing Oklahoma Bar Association

Judy Gibbs Robinson
Adviser, The Oklahoma Daily
Representing At-Large 14

Mark Thomas
Exec. V.P., Oklahoma Press Association
Representing Oklahoma Press Association

Joe Wertz
Managing Editor, StateImpact Oklahoma
Representing At-Large 9

Melanie Wilderman
Executive Director, Oklahoma Scholastic Media
Representing OU Gaylord College

John R. Wood
Associate Professor, University of Central Oklahoma
Representing At-Large 1

William R. Young
Public Info. Administrator, OK Dept. of Libraries
Representing At-Large 10